SAM28000 ("Air Force One") climbing out from ILM (September 2020)

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge as the storm moves away - Downtown Wilmington (August 2020)

Rainier Cherries

Dust from the Sahara Desert intensifies this sunset over the Cape Fear River

Sunset on the Cape Fear River

Backyard delights: Hydrangea leaves

Backyard delights: Hydrangea bloom

Backyard delights: Redbud

MV Hyundai Hope (largest container ship ever to dock at the Port of Wilmington)

"Flower Moon"

Peony (Focus stack)

Kure Beach Pier (Long Exposure)

Intercoastal Waterway (Long Exposure)

Wilmington waterfront

Greenfield Lake

Pelecanus occidentalis carolinensis (Brown Pelican)

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